About PatPat Wholesale Delivery Countries & Duties


The processing period is not included in the shipping time. Even if you pick Express, it will still take 1-5 days just to process your order. Processing naturally takes longer for larger and more complex orders.


Delivery Time

PatPat Wholesale currently supports the delivery to countries and regions below:

North America:

Country/Region Standard  Express
United States 7-14 days 3-5 days
Canada 7-14 days 4-6 days
Mexico 7-14 days 4-6 days



Country/Region Standard  Express
United Kingdom 7-14 days N/A
Other EU Member State 7-14 days 4-6 days
Norway 9-16 days 4-6 days
Iceland N/A 7-9 days
Cyprus 9-16 days 7-9 days


East Asia:

Country/Region Standard  Express
China Mainland N/A 1-2 days
Hong Kong SAR N/A 1-2 days
Taiwan N/A 3-5 days
Japan N/A 3-5 days
South Korea N/A 3-5 days
Malaysia N/A 5-7 days
Singapore N/A 5-7 days
Pakistan N/A 5-7 days
Philippines N/A 5-7 days


West Asia:

Country/Region Standard  Express
Saudi Arabia N/A 7-9 days
Israel N/A 3-5 days
U.A.E N/A 7-9 days
Qatar N/A 7-9 days
Oman N/A 7-9 days
Jordan N/A 7-9 days
Lebanon N/A 7-9 days
Kuwait N/A 7-9 days
Bahrain N/A 7-9 days



Country/Region Standard  Express
Australia 7-14 days 4-6 days
New Zealand 7-14 days 4-6 days



Country/Region Standard  Express
Egypt N/A 5-7 days
South Africa N/A 5-7 days
Other African countries N/A 7-10 days

All days are BUSINESS DAYS.


Duties & Taxes

United States:

Wholesale orders to the United States are tax-exempt, no matter whether Standard or Express is selected.

Other countries:

Orders delivered to other countries by Express are possibly charged for applicable taxes and duties, depending on local customs policies. In addition, customs clearance proof is not available for Standard shipping orders. If you need it for your order, you MUST select Express shipping instead of Standard.

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