About US

Welcome to PatPat Wholesale!

We are a brand wholesaler dedicated to providing high-quality children, family, and fashion products to retailers worldwide. Our Brand Mission: Disrupting the Kids Wear and Maternity Industry Through Technology


Revolutionizing Retail with Technology

At PatPat Wholesale, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize the way kids wear and maternity products are designed, produced, and distributed. Through our state-of-the-art technology platforms, we aim to provide retailers with a seamless and efficient wholesale experience. From streamlined ordering processes to real-time inventory management, we empower our partners to access a wide range of products and make informed decisions that drive their businesses forward.

Pioneering Trend-Setting Designs

We are committed to pushing boundaries and setting trends in the family fashion industry. Our dedicated research and development team continuously explores innovative design concepts, leveraging data analytics and consumer insights to understand market demands. By staying ahead of the curve, we enable retailers to offer their customers the latest and most fashionable products, helping them stand out in a competitive market.

Sustainable Practices for a Better Future

We understand the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in our industry. That's why we actively embrace technological advancements in sustainability, exploring eco-friendly materials, implementing responsible manufacturing practices, and optimizing supply chain logistics. By doing so, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Collaborating for Success

At PatPat Wholesale, we are not only disruptors but also collaborators. We actively seek partnerships with retailers who share our vision for innovation and positive change. Together, we can reshape the kids wear and maternity industry, providing customers with access to high-quality, fashionable products that meet their needs and preferences. We are here to support and collaborate with forward-thinking retailers and industry pioneers, as we believe that success is achieved through collective effort.

Join Us on the Journey

Thank you for choosing PatPat Wholesale as your partner on this exciting journey. Explore our product catalog, engage with our technology-driven solutions, and let's transform the industry together. Together, we can innovate the future of family fashion and create a better world for families worldwide.