How to Make a Large Volume Purchase on PatPat Wholesale

PatPat Wholesale not only supplies the best quality baby clothing to small and medium business owners but also accepts bulk orders from the purchasing department of large enterprises.

When working on PatPat Wholesale, if you have a shopping cart of over 300 line items, please consult us by writing an email to or sending messages to Whatsapp:  PatPat Wholesale before checking out.

(Q: How many pieces are counted as 1 line item? 

A: Each independent SKU is counted as ONE line item.

For example, in the cart above we have 'Baby Boy / Girl Cotton Knitted Style Solid Cardigan Long-sleeve Jumpsuit', 10 pieces of 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, and 9-12 Months respectively in the cart. They are actually counted as 3 line items no matter how many pieces for each SKU or whether belonging to the same product.)

With respect to in-bulk purchases of certain items, please make sure to contact us beforehand so that we can check the stock availability and decide if we need to enable pre-order.

Note: Prices for large volume orders of over US$10,000 are negotiable.

For how to place your first order online, please read this article: How to Get Started Now: A Step-by-Step Guide.

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