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    What is PatPat Wholesale?

    We are the wholesale program of For more information, please click: What is PataPat's Wholesale Program

    What is the MOQ or minimum order amount?

    Minimum checkout value = US$250

    How can I become a partners of PatPat Wholesale? Do I need to submit any document?

    According to our business development, we have categorized our partners into the following levels:

    Clarification Annual Order Amount
    PatPat Wholesale Reseller
    PatPat Wholesale Premium Reseller
    PatPat Wholesale Distributor
    PatPat Wholesale Strategic Partners
    More than$500000/Year

    Based on the current development status of your business, you could choose the cooperation plan that best suits your needs. If you belong to the (PR) first level, you can directly sign up by clicking this link: Create Account place orders directly on our website without the need for any application or documentation. The discounts available to you are as follows:

    Total amount of ordered from, $ % discount Code
    over $400 5% PATPAT400
    over $800 10%  PATPAT800
    over $1000 15% PATPAT1000

    Can I check my shopping cart accross different devices?

    Due to the issues of shopping cart synchronization, we have disabled the function to avoid cart loss. We will enable it again after it is resolved. Sorry for all the inconvenience.


    Where can I track my order?

    Please click Track Your Order. Please allow 3-4 working days for the tracking number to update once has your order has been dispatched. For more info, please contact us:

    How long will I receive my order?

    The processing time for wholesale orders is 1-5 business days. For most of the shipping countries, the standard shipping time is 7-15 days, and the express shipping time is 5-7 days. Due to the large number of goods in some orders, the processing time may be extended, as well as some special logistical reasons, the above data is for reference only

    Does PatPat Wholesale offer Free Shipping?

    No, we charge a minor percentage of your subtotal as the standard shipping fee. There is also a second option of Express shipping for most of the countries.

    Bulk order shipping is different from small retail shipping. It costs more to ship large cargo (liner logistics, volume weight, import duty prepay, etc.). However, even if we charge freight on your order, it would still be cheaper than buying piece by piece on

    Why do I just receive only part of my order?

    The fulfillment method varies with countries, the weight of goods, and order total. In order to deliver the order to you as soon as possible, we may split it into several shipments.

    Why can't I find my country on the shipping zone list?

    Unfortunately, due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and limited shipping methods, we are not able to send wholesale orders to some countries currently. If you are located in Latin America, we recommend to transfer the goods from Florida, US. Additionaly, It is suggested arranging a forwarder in China to help you ship the goods to your country. No freight will be charged for shipping within China mainland.


    What currency is used when I check out?

    The payment for wholesale orders MUST be made in USD.

    What payment methods can be used on the site?

    As of now, we only accept payment via PayPal / Bank transfer / credit card(please submit the receipt of your transfer to us by email or Whatsapp).

    Why didn't the credit card payment work?

    Order amount limit must be less than $800,and please make sure your credit card has a sufficient amount

    Will I be charged taxes upon receiving my package?

    For Standard Shipping to North America and European Union countries, you shall not expect any duty or taxes charged from you. However,  We are not responsible for taxes charged by your country if the Express shipping method is selected and used.

    I have lots of line items in my cart, but why can't I manage to check out on the website?

    There is a systematic limit of a maximum of 500 line items in the shopping cart. We suggest keeping the number of lineitems in your cart under 300 to make sure it can get through check out smoothly. You may also want to find us to help issue a pro forma invoice so that you can skip the checkout process.


    Does PatPat do dropshipping?

    No, we do not support drop shipping for now.

    Does PatPat Wholesale provide private labeling?

    We offer the private labeling service now, If you need this service, for any other questions, please check this link:

    Is there any mark or label of PatPat on the clothes?

    Wholesale orders are processed without PatPat hangtags and plain transparent polybags by default.

    For certain products produced by PatPat, there might be a label of PatPat stitched or printed on the garments.

    If you need to resell the clothes under the brand of PatPat, please leave a cart note before checking out.

    If you need us to cut off sewn labels manually, please leave a cart note before checking out (please note that the processing time will be longer accordingly).

    What should I do if I find some sizes are out of stock now?

    We don't have the accurate time at which the stock arrives to our warehouse. Please click the button as below, and we will notify you once it is available again.

    What should I do if I have some instructions for my order?

    If you have other requests for your order, please make sure you leave a cart note here.

    Due to the amount of orders that are processed daily, we may not receive your special requests outside of cart notes.

    Does PatPat support sending samples to check the quality?

    Sorry, we do not support sending samples to wholesale partners. However, we offer an additional US$30 off (Code: PWSTARTER30) for your first purchase. Specifically for your first small trail order :)

    Can I use the images of the products that I bought for reselling?

    Yes, product images are available for wholesalers upon request. Please contact us after placing orders.


    What is your return/refund policy?

    Before placing your first order, it is important for you to check our shipping policy and refund policy.

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